Welcome to the Innovative Teacher Project (ITP). Like the citizens of Reggio Emilia, Italy, ITP strives to create a culture of dialogue and research in Northern California that promotes the pleasure of inquiry among children and adults. The cornerstone of the Reggio philosophy is an image of the child as competent, strong, inventive and full of potential – subjects with rights instead of needs. At ITP we offer opportunities for others interested in supporting the potential in children to collaborate, formulate personal interpretations, hypotheses and ideas about teaching, learning and living.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Global Citizenship and Social Justice as Values in Reggio Inspired Schools

This year the Innovative Teacher Project chose to focus on global citizenship and social justice as the inspiration for our roundtable discussions. The depth and breadth of this topic as well as the unique ways it can be explored by individual schools will lead to rich dialogue and exchanges for roundtable participants. In the fall of 2013, the ITP Director's Group read the book "Seen & Heard: Children's Rights in Early Childhood Education" by Ellen Hall and Jennifer Rudkin as a way to connect around the ideas of global citizenship, social justice, and the rights of young children. As the roundtables continue this year, each participating school will share insights, thoughts, or reflections from their presentations and discussions. The Innovative Teacher Project is also excited to offer a full day event: Children's Rights in Early Childhood Education: A Conversation with Ellen Hall on April 12, 2014. We hope that the blog will foster more dialogue and discourse, so let us hear your thoughts as well.

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